Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and imagine what it would feel like to be freed from the negative thoughts that keep you from loving your body. Freed from feeling like you’re not good enough when comparing yourself to the women on this month’s magazine covers. Freed from the guilt, shame, and fear that you often feel when it comes to your food, and your weight. Freed from feeling like a failure because you strayed from your latest diet plan.

Take another deep breath.

Imagine you trust yourself, love yourself, and respect yourself. You eat when you’re hungry, stop when you’re full, and experience the full joys of pleasure. Your mind, body, and spirit are in attunement with each other, and the struggle is over.

You are satisfied. You are whole. You are beautifully authentic.

Welcome to BodyLove. You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be, and I’ve got your back.

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Stefany Bergstrom, Educator

Emily is an active listener; she really hears me when I am sharing. She is able to provide insight into my struggles around my body weight and eating patterns and provides illustrations, making things more clear. Emily helps me make connections that aren’t obvious but are powerful. Over the past months she has been guiding me through a process of self- acceptance that I have been unsuccessful doing for the past 25 years. I have found working with Emily has brought healing and joy.

- Stefany Bergstrom, Educator
Riley Fars, Massage Therapist

Through working with Emily, I have learned to be in better touch with myself, and have deepened my understanding of myself.  I have learned many tools to help me make better decisions in taking care of me.  It is really like a gentle awakening for me, while knowing that this is what my soul has been searching for a long time.

- Riley Fars, Massage Therapist
Courtney Bock, Student; University of Wyoming

I was hesitant to sign up for Body Love because I was afraid I would spend the money and not get any REAL help. I couldnt have been more wrong! It has been a serious life changer. The course addresses so many misconceptions and issues many people struggle with and really teaches a way to deal with them, and live a happy and healthy life. I used to spend my days focused on food and talking so negatively to myself. I felt down, like my body was all I am, and guilty for my food choices. Now I am listening to my body and eating what I need, learning to love the way I look, and stopping the negative talk. I also am learning who I am and not just what my body looks like. I liked being in a group and able to talk to others who have the same struggles. Our family is becoming healthier. Im not so focused on my weight but on being healthy, enjoying life, and learning to love myself. Now I listen to my body and recognize what it needs and to relax.

- Courtney Bock, Student; University of Wyoming


Now, Let’s Talk about Sex. Uncomfortable Already?

Now, Let’s Talk about Sex. Uncomfortable Already?

Throughout my personal BodyLove journey, a handful of books have had a major impact on my worldview and view of myself, books to which I owe my continuing transformation. Recently, I found another to add to that list: Girls and Sex by Peggy Orenstein. I have always felt that teaching girls and women to love […]

Stop telling me to love my body!

Stop telling me to love my body!

If you cruise social media, watch morning news programs, or glance through magazines at the grocery store check-out line, there is a good chance you have already been told to “love your body” many times. Although I hate to admit it, I am just another one of those resounding voices. I’m pretty passionate about what […]

It all comes down to this.

It all comes down to this.

While reading the entries for the BodyLove Program scholarship, I was struck by some of the commonalities between them. I remember exactly what some of your feelings were like. Loving your body probably sounds amazing! You are into it. You want it. But you just don’t see it as a REAL possibility for yourself. I […]

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