I have a little story I’d like to share with you. Once upon a time, I too was deep in the thick of preoccupation with food and my body. I spent a lot time reading, measuring, counting, and trying to perfect both my diet and my body. No one really thought it was a problem, especially me (in fact, I just thought it was passion). I enrolled at the Nutrition Therapy Institute of Colorado, where I studied for two years, hoping to help other people measure, count, and perfect their bodies as well.

But something happened. I started to realize that all this focus on “healthy” nutrition was just a guise for the constant ache of dissatisfaction with myself. And when I really started to look around I could see and sense that was the same story for my classmates and the clients I would one day work with. I tried to shake this realization. I even tried to work as a Nutrition Therapist. It didn’t last. Like most pursuits in life, when we are not being true to ourselves and what we believe, the work quickly becomes stale and dissatisfying.

At this point, I shifted gears. After experiencing such profound liberation myself, I became passionate about helping others with their own transformations. I became a yoga teacher, opened a studio, and created a yoga teacher training program. I also attended the Institute for the Psychology of Eating and became an Eating Psychology Coach.

I’m not here to perfect you! We are human beings. Beautiful, imperfect human beings. I can’t fix you because you’re not broken. I am here to help you release the dissatisfaction you have with your body, and embrace your inner spirit; your voice; your truest desires. I’m here to help you recognize your beauty, to understand your immense value, and to help you discover your unique contributions to this world. We all have a story to tell. I can’t wait to hear yours.

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