Stop the cycle of fighting food and body. You are worthy of feeling nourished, energized, and free. It’s time to reclaim your essence and beauty and realize that the world needs the true you. Begin your journey to freedom.

Body Love is a six week intensive program integrating empowering information on intuitive eating, psychology of eating, and mind-body integration to examine and shift your thoughts and beliefs about diet and body.

A healthy, loving relationship with eating and our bodies is not taught or supported in our culture.   The result is that most of us feel inner turmoil, confusion, and guilt when it comes time to eat. Dissatisfaction with our bodies is practically expected and so we get caught in an endless cycle of dieting, restricting, binging, overeating, or are just simply preoccupied with thoughts of food and body that prevent us from living fully.  What we often don’t realize is that we do not have to accept this way of thinking about food and body just because it’s “normal”. We can stop the cycle and begin to create a healthy, natural relationship with food that frees up our time and energy to do what we love and be who we were meant to be. Body Love empowers students with information and practices that pave the path towards peace.



Myths about Health

 Relaxed Eating

Appetite, Awareness, and Pleasure

Thoughts and Digestion

Trust Your Gut: the Belly Brain

Make Peace with Your Body

Thorough presentations of each topic

 Group coaching and discussions

Journaling prompts and exercises to help integrate each topic

Mind-body integration including yoga, meditation, and relaxation


Feel confused about nutritional information and how you should eat

 Are constantly dieting or trying to lose weight

Want to transform negative self talk

Think about food, eating, and your body A LOT more than you would like

Feel ashamed about your body size, shape, or weight

Want to teach your children how to have a healthy relationship with food

Believe there is more to life that JUST having a perfect body or diet

You will discover the immense power and beauty your body possesses and simple tools to help you relax, notice your thoughts, and integrate more awareness can literally change the way your body receives nourishment (in other words, rev up your metabolic power!). Your body is an intricate and complex system that requires these tools to help us connect to a sense of fullness and hunger. You will learn how to honor and work with your body to find your inner vitality, health, and strength instead of fighting an exhausting battle against it. Suddenly the world is a little more peaceful because you are. This is important work, not just for you, but for the sake of your friends and children who also have amazing things to do in this world other than obsessing about how they look and what they should or shouldn’t eat. You can’t afford NOT to do this work!

I want to personally thank you in advance for having the courage to initiate change for yourself and inspire that in other people. I am in total awe of what you can do. I can’t wait to meet you!  –Emily

Why Yoga is a Powerful Tool

When it comes to eating, weight loss, and self confidence you probably have a good idea of what you should do, or buy, or think, or try. We work hard to understand how to make healthy life choices intellectually. It turns out that our intuition, our inner knowing, is one of the most important aspects of finding freedom from the conflicting advice and the dissatisfaction with body. Our mind and body are intricately connected. Through yoga we can begin to teach our bodies the ideas and beliefs that our minds struggle to assimilate. In yoga we make space and give attention to our deep inner voice and that makes all of the difference.



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