The BodyLove Mala was created with love to serve as a daily reminder of your worthiness and absolute value to this world – just as you are. In a society where it tends to be easy to slip into autopilot, any act of intention goes a long way. Just like any other worthwhile pursuit, BodyLove needs to be a daily practice. This mala is a tangible expression of your intention to love yourself more fully, and keep you centered around how you truly want to show up in the world. You can also use the BodyLove mala necklace while meditating. The beads are meant to slip through your fingers while repeating a mantra, such as “love” or “rama” (meaning God).

Each stone was chosen purposefully to support you on your BodyLove journey.

Each stone was chosen purposefully to support you on your BodyLove journey.


• Rose Quartz: the love stone – It not only inspires unconditional love, but also helps to build a strong sense of self-worth. This precious gem helps you foster genuine love for yourself so that you can love others more deeply.

• Howlite: the stone of calming energy – When we can shift into a state of greater ease and less tension we become more aware and less critical. It prepares us to receive wisdom and attune to our inner divine. With increased creativity and expanded self-expression you can confidently walk down your path feeling comfortable in your own skin.

• Red Jasper: the stone of balance and connection to your roots – This stone keeps you grounded so you can act and speak courageously, and cultivate the independence necessary to continue down your BodyLove path (which, in our culture, is the road less traveled).

• Rudraksha Seeds: are known for their powerful healing and protective elements. When used in meditation or worn against the skin they are believed to guide spiritual journeys. After all, BodyLove is not just about your body, but also about the evolution of your soul.

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