It seems the perfect orchestration, as Blossom Yoga enters its 10th year, that I prepare to leave and embark on a new journey. At the end of May, my family and I are loading the U-Haul and moving back to where it all began: Spearfish, SD. After almost 12 years here in Laramie, we return to the place where Heath and I first met, where I began my college education, and where our love of romping through the outdoors was rooted. We are moving our budding company, DirtBags Bikepacking, and hoping to open a storefront and pursue related business opportunities. I am also going to complete my unfinished degree in Graphic Design and Writing! We will be close to family, and the Black Hills have always taken up a huge space in hearts.

As excited as we are for this new adventure, I know Laramie, and especially the Blossom community, will always be planted at the center of my heart. This move is the epitome of bittersweet. So much has happened in my life here. The sheer gratitude I feel for being able to participate in the forming of Blossom Yoga is overwhelming. Blossom Yoga has saved me, in so many ways. This community has loved, supported, challenged, and grown me in a way that just calling it a “yoga studio” will never give it justice. It will always be an honor of a lifetime.

As you can see, I am feeling a little sentimental, which is why I have decided to teach a few of my favorite workshops in the coming months. I want to savor this time of teaching and connecting. I hope you’ll join me for one or more of these workshops! I look forward to learning and growing with you in this capacity one last time.

With DEEP love,

Emily Brown

Alignment Intensive: Align the Body – Free The Spirit

Saturdays, February 24, March 24, & April 14 from 2 – 5 p.m.

@ Blossom Yoga Studio, 152 N 2nd Street

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Tuesdays, March 20-April 17, 6:30-9pm

@Blossom Yoga in Laramie

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Hi, I’m Emily Brown. I’m a mother, entrepreneur, aspiring writer, yoga instructor, hot mess, and a few other things, too. My husband and I moved to Laramie so he could finish school. We had no intention of staying. Twelve years later, we have found ourselves nestled into this little community. I have experienced many changes over the last decade, but one thing has remained a constant — the gift of yoga.

I opened Blossom Yoga in 2008 and enjoyed seven years of growing the community before selling it to Miguel in 2016. When I showed up to yoga for the first time, I would have never thought that today I would be telling you that I have taught yoga for 12 years, ran an intuitive eating program through BodyLove by Emily, and am a co-founder of dharma. The Institute for Awakening Living, conducting yoga teacher trainings. Yoga has been the common denominator of every courageous step I have taken. I love the community at Blossom and could not imagine my life in Laramie without it! Literally, the coolest people walk through those doors every day.

Along with teaching yoga, I spend my days working alongside my husband on our budding company, DirtBags Bikepacking. I chase around my two kids, ages six and seven, and my foster daughter, who just turned eighteen. I play outside any chance I get. If you can’t find me doing any of those things, I am likely in the bathtub, drinking wine and watching Netflix from an iPad propped on the toilet.



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“Emily’s words resonate through my mind all day long. She is a truly gifted public speaker and was phenomenal at keeping me engaged throughout the entire course. I truly feel happier.”
– Recent BodyLove Graduate

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