I Rarely Talk About This

I love being part of the body positive movement! As the movement and BodyLove message has grown, I’ve had to make a few really intentional choices. One of those choices I made was to NOT talk about weight loss. I came to that decision after brainstorming how to market and grow my 6-week online program. Sometimes my message seems to get lost in a sea of weight loss and exercise programs making promises about a better life through a “better” body. I felt a bit defeated and played with the idea of using weight loss to lure attention to my program. I knew this could draw more visibility and more sales. But, it just didn’t feel right.

I distinctly remember one night camping with my family. I was awake brainstorming about marketing and blog ideas. With my daughter asleep next to me, I thought about what story I wanted to one day tell her. You see, I believe that because of the growing BodyLove movement, she will grow up with less struggle and self-criticism of her body. One day I will sit down with her and tell her “what it was like in the old days.” As I struggled to go to sleep that night, I decided that I wanted to tell her that I stood up for what I believe to be true, even though it wasn’t the most popular or sexiest message. I want her to know that I never diluted my beliefs for the sake of a sale. I want her to know that these clear decisions are the ones that will some day shake the status quo and institute radical change – even if we don’t live to see it manifest.

And so, I haven’t talked about weight loss, at all, until now…

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