It all comes down to this.

While reading the entries for the BodyLove Program scholarship, I was struck by some of the commonalities between them. I remember exactly what some of your feelings were like.

Loving your body probably sounds amazing! You are into it. You want it. But you just don’t see it as a REAL possibility for yourself. I know it is, but I also know not everyone is ready right now. Are YOU finally ready? Here are some signs that NOW is your time, my friend:

1cd1f921e7b4047c56ff203dc6bd640aYou Are Tired of Fighting a Battle with Yourself

You are aware of the time and energy you spend daily obsessing over every little dimple, blemish, or pound on your body. You spend way too much time planning meals or figuring out how you are going to compensate for what you have already eaten. You no longer want to waste hours and hours on these thoughts and concerns, but you don’t know how to stop.

You Have Recovered from an Eating Disorder, But Are Easily Triggered

You’ve struggled with overeating, binging, anorexia, or bulimia in high school or college. After a lot of work, support, and possibly treatment, you have managed to maintain a healthier perspective on food and learned to work with your emotions- except you notice you are easily triggered and tend toward old habits more often than you are comfortable with. It could be the way your body changed after having a baby, while planning for a wedding or big event, hearing the praise and admiration expressed by others when a family member has lost weight, starting a new job, or moving that caused your old thoughts and habits to bubble up. You are aware of this and you are ready to continue and deepen the healing process.

You Notice How Quickly You Compare Yourself to Others

You are quick to compare yourself to anyone for any reason (especially to other women). Maybe you feel inferior because of the way someone else looks or dresses, or maybe you even feel smarter or more accomplished than the other person. You are constantly ranking your worth as it relates to those around you. This has been squandering your authenticity and ability to love yourself and you know it. You no longer want to relate to others in this way.

You Are Sick of Feeling Guilty Every Time You Eat

Almost every time you put something in your mouth, you feel some sort of guilt. You want to be able to eat freely without feeling your own harsh judgement.

You Truly Want to Love Yourself

You might have read some books or articles on self-love. You might have done work with other professionals or taken other programs. You know that how you relate to and see yourself impacts the rest of your life. You might have even made some progress in working with your negative thoughts or taking better care of yourself, but you just can’t seem to love and accept your body as it is. This seems to be the one area in which you are still stuck, but you desire that real, true love and acceptance that you know body love offers.

Although there are numerous signs and questions, when deciding if you are ready for the BodyLove journey, I’ll do you a favor and tell you exactly what it comes down to… it is really all about AWARENESS and THE RIGHT TOOLS.6e82873a32b95af115de1c414a1849cb

If you have any awareness around what you are doing but don’t want to stay on that old path anymore, you are ready for this journey! People who are not ready to work towards self-acceptance and body love have no desire to change any of their behaviors around food or image. To them, it’s not a problem, and nothing needs to change. So, if you notice something you would like to shift, then celebrate, because you are ready!

The second part is getting the right tools you need in order to change. You first notice something that you would like to see shift- and most of us are stuck here. We have no idea how to make the shift because we have yet to learn or receive the tools we need to do it. While awareness is the first and necessary step, it can’t stop there. Getting the tools you need might come in the form of seeking counseling, reading a book, joining a group or club, or signing up for programs like BodyLove (or perhaps all of those things!). And this is how we begin our journey. We are aware of the change we desire and we pursue help and tools we need to make that actually happen in our lives.

The bad news is that it’s never easy.

The good news is that it IS possible and you CAN do it.

Looking for the right tool to help make loving your body a reality? Registration for The BodyLove Program is open until March 30th, 2016. Don’t put off your freedom any longer!

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